Sept 15th 2017, Bold Tendencies, Peckham 

photos by Cat Goryn 

After nearly twenty years in space and countless discoveries made, on the 15th September 2017 the Cassini Spacecraft was sent the command to plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere — destroying it completely and resulting in a fiery end to the mission. 

Funded by the Arts Council England and in partnership with writing agency Spread the Word, Ella Frears was Poet in Residence at Royal Holloway University responding to the final months of the mission; working towards elegy and asking what the death of a machine one billion kilometres away might mean to us. 

The ‘Space Funeral’ was curated by Ella Frears, hosted by writer/performer Stuart Silver

Featuring poetry written during the residency as well as newly commissioned works by:

Composer, Rufus Isabel Elliot

Architect/Designer, Emma-Kate Matthews

Filmmaker, Louis Rizzo-Naudi 

Memorial temporary tattoos were designed by Ben Jones